Chasse de Maximilien: cerf le rapport

Brussels ateliers, 16th century - Louvre museum , Paris

Tapestries’ series “Chasse de Maximilien” is kept in Louvre museum. Itis composed of twelve pieces, corresponding to the twelve months andrelating zodiacal signs.They were woven between 1531 and 1533 in Brussels, the biggest centrein tapestries’ production at the time, in the atelier of Jan Ghieteels, oncartoons by Flemish painter Bernard van Orley. 

The collection had been commissioned by the Habsburg in honour ofMaximilian I (1459-1519), who became emperor of the Roman Empirein 1493. Afterwards Guise family purchased the series, that took thename “Fine hunts of Guise” and finally it was included in the French royalcollection during the reign of Louis XIV. These tapestries were used asmodels and the Gobelins manufacture copied them on several occasions. The series “Chasse de Maximilien” became famous quickly because of itsincomparable beauty, the accuracy of represented landscape (the Soignesforest, nearby Brussels), the depth of prospective and the care in details. 

Nowadays this tapestries’ series is considered one of the most prestigiousmasterpieces of tapestry weaving.

R 060 Chasse de Maximilien: cerf le rapport - cm 223 x 274 (88” x 108”)


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